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If you find an error in your NCR Credit Report or in any of the products that contain information from your file, you can immediately initiate an online investigation with us free of charge.

We will investigate your concerns directly at the source (creditor, collection agency, tax agency or courthouse), respond to you within 30 days, and send you the results of the investigation via E-mail.

If you are in the process of applying for a loan, immediately notify your lender of any incorrect information in your file. Your lender will need to reorder your credit file and rating once any changes have been made to your information at NCR.

To initiate an investigation, you will need to have a current copy of your NCR Credit Report. If you do not have one, you can purchase one online or contact NCR to make your purchase.

Investigation Methods - Online:

You will need to contact Nigeria Credit Report by E-mail detailing your case and the action requested. In order to properly match your record, you must include the following information:

>>Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Other Names. Names should be submitted in full. NO ABBREVIATIONS OF ANY KIND.

>>Current Address and Past Addresses over 3 years. Addresses must be in full, with Street Number, District, City, LGA and State.

>>Employer Name and Address.

>>Driver's License Number, National Identification Number or Passport Number.

>>Your E-mail address for return correspondence.

Submit the above information by E-mail together with a detailed explanation of your case and request to Nigeria Credit Report. The rest is up to us. We will route your complaint to the lender or creditor. The actual investigation of the dispute is conducted by the lender or creditor, who will send the results to NCR or any of our nearest affiliates. NCR will perform the update and mail you the results of the investigation, along with a confirmation number.

To open an investigation, please click HERE or Visit our contact page.

For more information on disputes and errors, see ERRORS ON MY CREDIT REPORT.

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