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   ABOUT US   

NigeriaCreditReport.com is the first private sector credit reporting service provider in Nigeria. Over the years, we have recognized that the key reason why credit facilities are extremely difficult for the average individual or organization in Nigeria is simply because lenders have no way of determining the credit worthiness of an average prospective borrower.

Forced to lend in the dark, so to speak, the lending and financial authorities resort almost exclusively to collateral backed loans. Because over 90% of the population of Nigeria do not have such collaterals, they are completely shut out of the credit market. Without the availability of credit facilities, the personal worth of many suffer and businesses languish and collapse.

A lender is also at risk. Because the lender lacks access to information regarding the borrowing and payment habits of a prospective borrower as it relates to other lenders, the decision to lend is based entirely on the lender's personal experience with the borrower or the collateral provided or both. This creates huge gap for risky transactions to slip through. Having knowledge of the various borrowing transactions of a credit seeker is a decided plus for a lender. Sometimes a lender can expand her clienteles to include profitable transactions that otherwise would have been rejected.

Nigeria Credit Reports captures the entire credit reporting picture of a person or organization. We solicit and record credit extensions and transactions made to individuals or organizations by lenders, such as Banks, Consumer Credit Firms and Organizations, Insurance Agencies, Wholesale and Retail Firms, Traders and Artisans, Landlords, etc.

We then provide online clearinghouse for lenders to check the credit history of prospective borrowers, and for individuals and organizations to keep track of their credit record.

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